Life threatening situation? Always call 112

The Voice

by Gerben Welling – Director

Last week, the media was full of broadcasts and articles about what’s happening on The Voice. The secretary of state in charge of this said on TV that she was sickened.
After the broadcasts, there were all kinds of signals from society that what is going on at The Voice is also happening in other places, including healthcare. I have to say that this is quite on my mind. Does this also play a role within De LIMES or other organizations where I have worked before? The simple fact that I haven’t been confronted with reports is not proof that there hasn’t been a case like that on The Voice.

Socially, including at De LIMES, we will have to work on this.
Of course, undesirable behavior in the workplace by anyone is not desirable, and of course my door is open, but I don’t want to fall into the trap that an open front door equals an open reporting culture of undesirable behavior. Now I can only hope – and ask you – that if you are confronted with matters of behaviour and intimidation, you will know how to find your way to our confidential adviser. At the moment, the confidential adviser is an important official where you can tell your story confidentially and of whom you can be sure that this will remain confidential. Of course, you can also contact your manager, who is up to you.

Confidential counsellor details: The confidential adviser can be reached via the coordinator – confidential adviser Gerard Eliens: G.Eliens@gimd.nl or 06-10168141.

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