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Update Workflow pilot project

by Remco Rosmulder – by 2doc

With renewed strength, Topicus and Door2doc are working together on the project for less waiting time and more job satisfaction around the consultations at the GP post. On Wednesday 19 June, the planned go-live will take place at DDDB, followed by the SHR after the summer.

What does this mean?

  • In Topicus HAP, an appointment proposal with location and time appears immediately as soon as the triage nurse determines that a consultation at the post is necessary.
  • The schedules will be adjusted to schedule with a scheduled consultation duration of 15 minutes instead of 10. This gives more room to leave urgency in between and ensures less delay in the event of a delay.
  • All emergency consultations (U2) are scheduled hourly in Topicus HAP (the current or next hour). The U3s and U4s are scheduled every quarter of an hour (U4s are also planned as far back as possible when it is moderately busy).
  • The directing triage nurse monitors the current availability and staffing of the general practitioners in the planning overview of Door2doc and takes into account the presence of visiting doctors for consultations and the back-up.
  • In the waiting room and on the website of the posts, patients can see up-to-date waiting time information about the consultations at the HAP. This is done automatically via the link between Topicus HAP and Door2doc. The only requirement is to continue to accurately record the end times once a patient leaves. In this way, patients are given an adequate expectation.
  • Door2doc and Topicus organize training courses to practice and experience all the changes in the new planning with Workflow. These take place in the second week of June before DDDB and at SHR after the summer.

Want to know more or have questions? Please contact Anneke Brug or Edith Janssen.

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