Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Vacancy Company Reception Team (BOT) 

by Meike Smit – HR manager 

As a healthcare professional, you may have to deal with a shocking event, such as a confrontation with threats and physical violence, an unexpected medical emergency, having to witness distressing suffering or making a (serious) medical error. If a colleague is involved in an emergency or a shocking event, they will always be contacted by a BOT member.  The BOT team of De LIMES consists of general practitioners and healthcare workers from both our locations. They are specifically trained in conducting reception interviews.

We are still looking for new members for the BOT-Team. In total there is room for 4 new members; 2 general practitioners (1 Voorhout, 1 Leiderdorp) and 2 triage nurses/doctor’s assistants from the Leiderdorp location. Depending on the number of events, you will be called upon. There will be a maximum of 3 conversations by you as a BOT member and a conversation usually takes half an hour. If the colleague has not received sufficient help after the interviews, the BOT coordinator can put the colleague in touch with the company doctor or a specialist care provider.

If you think you can add value to the BOT Team and would you like to support colleagues after shocking events, please contact the BOT coordinator Mathilda Boer on 06-302 902 59 or send an email to BOT@hpdelimes.nl.

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