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Values in crises

by Gos de Vries – Managing Director

After a sunny weekend, with the corona pandemic on its way out, the world should be a lot better … Were it not for the fact that, unfortunately, another major crisis has arisen elsewhere. I hope that there are still wise men (and preferably some more wise women) who will be able to find a peaceful solution as soon as possible. This weekend I also read a book by Herman Wijffels in which he talks about masculine and feminine values. According to him, for a necessary more sustainable world, it is time that more attention is paid to feminine values. As the word suggests, these are more common and more present in women. Fortunately, at De LIMES, I notice that women and these values are well represented! Both in management, staff, on the shop floor and in the cooperative board. Diversity, of which this is one, is, in my view, an important condition for (building) a balanced organization.

Another important topic that Gerben has passed on to me is about the organisation of ‘future-proof night care’. I understand that this has been talked about for a long time. However, in recent months, as a result of various causes including labour market problems, service load and quality and safety, it has intensified again. A number of workshops have already been organised and the necessary data has been collected. In order to share this data in a larger context and to talk to you again about the desired direction and the associated preconditions, a working conference will be organized. I expect to be able to inform you about the date, time and location within two weeks.

To avoid misunderstandings, I would like to emphasize (again) that the discussion is about night care. The collected data show that maintaining the current distribution and availability of the three posts in the evenings and weekends is necessary to continue to provide good acute GP care in our region.

Finally, I wish you a lot of reading pleasure and I hope to get to know many of you in the coming period that I have not yet met!

Editorial: Feminine values are focused on the long term, society as a whole, empathy for others and care for each other. Masculine values are focused on the short term, the individual, the end result, and financial success. Source – Internet

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