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Looking for work supervisors for location Leiderdorp

by the team management Alphen and Leiderdorp

Are you that coaching colleague with a lot of experience who likes to help others to become or remain a good triage nurse? Then read on>

As announced in an extensive email in mid-April (2021), we will be working according to the ‘Voorhout method’ in Leiderdorp and Alphen. In concrete terms, this means that we will work with our own work supervisors for the Leiderdorp location. These work supervisors guide fellow triage nurses in their areas of improvement and are able to carry out audits. Because this gives you an example to your colleagues, we expect you to show a stable picture of your own audits, i.e. that your last two audits have been sufficient (2 out of 3 and/or 3 out of 3). 

How do we work? Anyone who considers themselves suitable and also meets the conditions below, can register within 2 weeks from today by e-mail to Lieke Kralt (General Secretariat) via e-mail address lieke.kralt@hpdelimes.nl. This is followed by short conversations. We aim to work with 3 to 4 work supervisors for the time being. If you become one of the work supervisors, you will follow a training course at Auxilio (2 separate half-days) and you will do the work on an on-call basis.  

Job Requirements and Competencies:

The Job Requirements 

  • Work as a triage nurse at the HAP for at least one year and in possession of a valid Triage diploma;  
  • Has up-to-date knowledge of and insight into the legal regulations, guidelines, applicable procedures and professional standards with regard to triage at the out-of-hours GP service;  
  • Supports, interprets and applies the guidelines, protocols and working arrangements relating to triage at the out-of-hours GP service in a reasoned manner;  
  • Is able to identify shortcomings in his/her own knowledge and skills with regard to triage, NHG guidelines and associated version of the NTS application and/or NHG TriageWijzer and to supplement them;  
  • Is willing to undergo periodic training in the field of audits;  
  • Has knowledge of and insight into the version of the NTS application and/or NHG-TriageWijzer used and can perform the triage on the basis of this system;  
  • Takes the initiative to stay informed about developments, developments in the field of the triage nurse and with regard to NHG guidelines and associated version of the NTS application and/or NHG Triage Guide. 

The competences 

  • Systematic analysis: the systematic dissection of a complex problem into its elements;  
  • Helicopter view: keeping an overview of the parts and the whole of an issue, data or project. 
  • Objectivity: relying on the available information without being influenced by external preferences or influences. 
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