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Workflow pilot of Topicus and Door2doc live at DDDB

by Remco Rosmulder

In Nowadays, the car is an almost indispensable support for route navigation. On the DDDB and SHR, a new, similar system is available But then for the scheduling of consultations: a ‘planning navigation’. Herewith we want to give GPs and triage nurses more time for patient care and Reduce patient waiting times.

The planning support helps to spread the work better, to improve the anticipating increasing crowds and managing patient expectations. Triage nurses now receive HAP directly when scheduling a consultation in Topicus an appointment proposal from Door2doc. The proposals shall automatically take into account the with the urgency of the demand for care, travel times, current crowds and the optimal occupation.

Going live

The DDDB in Voorhout had the scoop with the go-live on Wednesday 9 October. The The SHR is scheduled to go live on Wednesday 13 November. On 17 An interim evaluation will take place in October. Find the training courses at SHR will take place on 1, 4 and 11 November.

New Planning is working differently

The pilot with the new planning has implications for the planning and coordination of the consultations. Here’s a quick overview of what’s changing:

  • scheduling of U3/U4 consultations in quarters so that the planned time better matches the time spent (and emergency consultations cause less disruption)
  • Scheduling of U2/U1 consultations takes place in between from the urgency bar/emergency bar
  • Better coordination of the current GP capacity for the STIP/Regie-triage nurse in collaboration with the GPs
  • support to plan U4 consultations further in advance and to only give an appointment (proposal) if the occupancy allows it
  • Support in calling the rear guard in a timely manner

Current Expectations about waiting times

If As part of the pilot, patients will see in the waiting rooms (and on the websites of the posts) will soon have up-to-date information on any waiting times for their scheduled consultation. This is done fully automatically from the systems of Topicus and Door2doc (assuming accurate registration!). The coordinating triage nurse can Activate an emergency alert to notify waiting patients immediately. in the event of an emergency.

Goals of the pilot

With In the pilot, we want to achieve shorter waiting times for patients (appointment is appointment). In addition, we aim to increase job satisfaction for the triage nurses (easier and faster scheduling of a good appointment time and better coordination) and for the GPs (less delays and delays, better management in the emergency department and up-to-date occupation).

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