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Availability POH GGZ Spoed also at location Voorhout

by Corline de Groot – board secretary and Hans Essers – medical manager

In the weekend of 20 and 21 November, the POH GGZ Spoed can also be deployed by the Voorhout location in addition to the Leiderdorp location. Every weekend and on public holidays between 10:00 and 20:00, a POH GGZ Emergency runs an on-call service from his/her home address. The POH GGZ Emergency can be consulted by telephone by means of an internal 800 number in Vcare operator to transfer a patient for a consultation.

For whom?
It concerns care that is -not acute- but for urgent mental health care needs, which cannot wait until the next day. This form of task differentiation has proven successful in the Kennemerland and Rotterdam regions for several years and has now also been positively evaluated in Leiderdorp. Reason enough to also support the triage nurses and directing doctors in Voorhout in reducing the workload and arranging careful care by deploying a POH GGZ Emergency. Mental health patients often take time. The expertise of the POH GGZ Spoed ensures that they can take over this group, assess the patient from mental health expertise and initiate the right next step. Because the POH GGZ Emergency can take more time for the consultation than the triage nurse or the general practitioner, they can give patients sufficient attention but above all offer peace of mind.

Practical method
After triage (by telephone) and suspicion of psychosocial problems, the POH GGZ Emergency can be called in in consultation with the directing doctor. The POH GGZ Spoed takes over the contact with a telephone consultation or via video calling. Registration takes place in Topicus, after the POH GGZ Spoed has consulted with the directing physician about the (follow-up) policy. Of course, the directing physician remains ultimately responsible and approves the contact. The POH GGZ Spoed is a BIG-registered Social Psychiatric Nurse with extensive work experience.
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Crisis Service GGZ Rivierduinen
Good agreements have been made with the crisis service. If deemed necessary, the POH GGZ Spoed can mediate in the transfer of a patient to the crisis service. If a patient is better off with an assessment by the crisis service (e.g. has previously been in care), exceptions can be made in consultation with the crisis service.

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