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Consultation hours Q-link hardly visited

By Editorial

Several disciplines in the organization had indicated that they found the Quality Manual of De LIMES (Q-link) a difficult system/program. For this reason, quality officer Elke Koestering organised four consultation hours; two for triage nurses, doctors, etc., and two for office workers and management. Communication about this took place repeatedly in newsletters and through triage nurse work meetings. The purpose of the consultation hours, which were set up at varying times and days, was to help employees and doctors who have difficulty with Q-link on their way and to answer questions about logging in, search functions, etc. Elke was on standby four times. The result was that during the two consultation hours for doctors, triage nurses etc no one took advantage of the opportunity to ask a question and 1 question came in by email from a doctor. During the two consultation hours for office workers and management, limited use was made of the opportunity to receive explanations or ask questions. The Quality Manual helps employees and doctors to work in an unambiguous way at the posts of De LIMES. And it also offers all kinds of answers to questions about, for example, personnel and GP policy.

Because we think it is very important that everyone can work well with the quality manual, we will continue to offer a walk-in consultation hour periodically in the coming period.

The next one is scheduled for: Monday 29 November 2021, 15.30-16.00

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In the Quality Manual you will find the most up-to-date procedures and working agreements. If, after reading this article, you still decide to ask questions and you cannot join the above consultation hour or are in a hurry, you can send an email to Elke Koestering Elke.Koestering@hpdelimes.nl

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