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LSP news June 2020

On account of due to the Corona pandemic, it has been temporarily made possible to accelerate the on the LSP. A number of practices have made use of this and we We are happy to share tips on how to optimize the use of the LSP.

So it is possible for the patient to obtain his or her consent in three ways. for sharing the professional summary of general practitioners:

  • Oral permission at the counter;
  • Written consent with a consent form;
  • Online consent, provided that your practice is registered with VECOZO.

In www.volgjezorg.nl the patient can access their medical data and see which healthcare provider has made medical data available. In the portal, any citizen can give (or revoke) consent to his or her general practitioner, pharmacist and health centre. In addition, he can see which requested data from the healthcare provider and when.

Online Enabling consent

Patients can arrange online consent for the exchange of their medical data via the LSP. However, this is only possible if your practice is for this Logged! To make this possible, your practice must opt-in to the service of VECOZO via www.vecozo.nl. By logging in to your VECOZO portal, you can see which patient consent. As a general practitioner, you will receive a notification when a the patient has given consent online. You can then use this permission in your own system.

Regular consent vs. “Corona opt-in”

The normal procedure, in which the patient is asked for consent (opt-in), has changed temporarily during the Corona crisis. Previously, after a Consent request a consent – also known as an ‘opt-in’ – or a ‘no’ registered in the HIS. At the moment, there is a temporary so-called ‘Corona opt-in’, in which the healthcare professionals at the HAP and the ED professional summaries of patients who have previously not been able to have passed on their choice and are not approachable at that time. Retrieval is only possible if the general practice of the patient in question is connected to the LSP. In addition, the professional summary of patients who have already answered ‘no’ to the consent request will still be able to not insightful. This situation is temporary in nature; After the end of the crisis the Corona opt-ins can no longer be consulted. It is therefore important to continue to ask your patients for their regular consent questions, so that their professional summary can still be requested after the crisis.

Applications in your practice

White Can you reach the patients you don’t see very often in your practice? Or do you want to Informing patients with a migration background? Perhaps it is a good possibility to inform these patients by e-mail or letter how they wish to consent for the electronic sharing of medical data. VZVZ has material available that can help you to easily such as information leaflets in different languages, posters and leaflets. animated films. The promotional material can be ordered free of charge via the webshop.

Has Do you have any questions regarding the Corona opt-in? Could you still use some help to improve your inform patients about the LSP, ask for consent or establish consent to lay? Or Do you have any other questions about the LSP? Please contact Leonieke van Willigen (lvanwilligen@sleutelnet.nl) or Simon Wils (swils@sleutelnet.nl) of Sleutelnet via or via 071-5140130.

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