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Update new building

by Esther Struijk, manager Huisartsenposten Alphen/Leiderdorp

I would like to inform you about the current new construction projects.

As you know, the renovation in Alphen has been completed. Last week there was an evaluation with the project group and the Alphen location committee.

As a result, the finishing touches will be made in the near future, but we are already very happy with many positive reactions about job satisfaction at the renewed post.

Leiderdorp, The Netherlands
The new construction project in Leiderdorp is entering a new phase. The final design was completed in December. The first appointments for the technical design are currently taking place.
In the coming months, the project group will meet and think about this. Subsequently, departments I and A will work on further developing this together with departments I and A of the Alrijne. We will complete the technical design before the summer. In the near future, the interior design will also be examined. We will be in line with the layout and colour schemes of the Alrijne, as it will be an integrated emergency room and we will use some of the spaces shared. Completion is currently scheduled for mid-2025.

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