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Vacancy Regional Committee of Inquiry into incidents

and calamities

by Mathilda Boer –  Quality Officer

If an unintended event occurs that has led to harm to the patient, the investigation committee conducts a preliminary investigation to see if the consequence is related to the quality of the care provided. This committee is composed of general practitioners and triage nurses from the out-of-hours GP clinics in Leiderdorp, Alphen and Voorhout. The committee is supported by a case manager and a team is formed for each investigation consisting of a general practitioner, a triage nurse and a case manager who delve into a case. The members are preferably not deployed at the location where they work.

For the Leiderdorp location, we are looking for two triage nurses who want to think along with the investigation of a serious incident or calamity.

As a triage nurse of the investigative committee, you will immerse yourself in the triage part of the case. To do this, you listen to the conversation recording(s), analyse the observation messages and include the reflection reports of the people involved in your reconstruction. In this case, you switch with the GP from the research committee that has studied the medical part. If desired, you can think along with the management about possible improvement measures. You will spend about 6 to 8 hours per case in terms of time investment.

Can you analyze without value judgment? Do you like to think constructively about improvement measures? Do you know the NTS like the back of your hand and have you passed enough audits (2 or 3 out of 3) in the past calendar year? Do you dare to ask critical questions in an empathetic way? Are you flexibly available for case discussions and are you willing to follow training courses?

… please contact Mathilda Boer (case manager) on 06-302 902 59 or send an email to mathilda.boer@hpdelimes.nl  

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